panasonic dvd player error code Aaronsburg Pennsylvania

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panasonic dvd player error code Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania

I have qa pANASONIC DVD HOME Theatre system sa-ht9440. Had the same problem. Took off the lid, cleaned fans (both of them) from dust. Removed from connection, put it back.

Turns on with error f61 and then back off. R. Plugged in and both fans started to work without interuptions and problem solved! Thanks so much!

Caley on 5/17/2014 at 3:02 am said: I just used this on my LS5. Thanks! my parents thought i had damaged the component by moving it from living room to my room... Once the fan is clean you must unplug and it seems to reset or something.

actually i took the idea of taking off the cover and cleaning the fan area, which i did and the actually it worked right away... What to do? After the fifth attempt it started up as good as new. Kyle Schneider Search Main menu Skip to primary content HomeAbout MeArchivesOdds and EndsInstall Ubuntu from a flash diskPXE Boot Install for UbuntuOS X Tips and TricksOS X

A quick Google search indicated this was a common problem (defect perhaps?) to many Panasonic players. Bookmark the permalink. 53 thoughts on “Panasonic DVD Players - H02 error” Comment navigation ← Older Comments Ramesh on 11/11/2012 at 11:27 am said: If you are hesitating on trying this, I'm a computer professional (data engineer) living and working in Greater Boston. Assuming I'd have to spend $40 for a functional replacement, that's a pretty good payday :).

Reply Re: Panasonic DVD home theatre SA-HT940 error code F61 Rodolfo Elshoff Posted Jul 18, 2009 Hey guys i came here as first aux to see if u could find the I plugged it back in and turned it on and low and behold it came on. Turns on with error f61 and then back off. Reply Share | 10 comments Re: Panasonic DVD home theatre SA-HT940 error code F61 sangre pura Posted Jan 22, 2010 hey i blew the fan and it really work try it

The solution is pretty simple: remove the case, open the tray and then unplug the unit. Just to confirm, I played several different DVD's. I had to make the tabs at the front of the case (on top, about 1/4 of the way in from the front) rest on top of the case instead of It worked.

so on mine i took the fan out to see if it would fun on a 9v charger, and it did. I was too afraid to try lubing it. thnx for the help and if u r experiencing this issue, that is the way to fix it... All five screws go back in, but there is less pressure on top of the drive (which seems to stop the white disk from spinning).

This entry was posted in Geek by Kyle. If it doesn't spin on its own, spin it around yourself a couple times and it should start up. I'm the author of Learn Git in a Month of Lunches (Manning Publications), a beginner's tutorial book on Git. Thanks!

I tried it and…BOOM! Will try that next if needed. Reply Re: Panasonic DVD home theatre SA-HT940 error code F61 Greg A Posted Dec 29, 2007 Have you been able to fix this issue: Panasonic DVD home theatre SA-HT940 error code Instead, it simply displayed: "H02 Error".

some how it appears to be that when the fan is dirty and doesnt work properly due to the dust, it sends out this error message... Tanya on 5/30/2013 at 7:13 pm said: Awesome! Good luck to all, I knwo it is frustrating. Reply Re: Panasonic DVD home theatre SA-HT940 error code F61 Susan Posted Sep 01, 2009 Hey, I have had the same problem and I took the fan off and left the

Inside you'll see the portion that spins the discs. so what i was wondering was if you resodered conections because that mey be the problem. Reply Re: Panasonic DVD home theatre SA-HT940 error code F61 Toms Posted Sep 28, 2009 Hey. Comment 1, Last comment by fabian williams Mar 19, 2009 Re: Panasonic DVD home theatre SA-HT940 error code F61 Dwayne Smith Posted Feb 09, 2009 and to be honest when the

On my player, however, you cannot put the cover back on, and the solution is simple. Thanks for the fix. Skip to main content Rick's Tech Talk All Tech Talk, Most of the Time You are hereHome Hello Again Hello and welcome to Rick Umali's Feel free to send me e-mail ([email protected]) or comment on any item. Tags b43-fwcutter base64 bio book c++ code concentrate DirectX drupal dvd eclipse essay firebug flex game git graphics hardware HTML5 java javascript job json kubuntu linux movie objective-c panasonic perl php

I've had this player several years and did not want to have to replace it. Give this a few good whirls and start it up again. I'm not very handy, and this still worked like a charm in 4 minutes. It's a portable player so I had to spin the disk then close the top.

Reply Re: Panasonic DVD home theatre SA-HT940 error code F61 claudia Posted Jun 21, 2009 I take the cover and blow the fan and start working again! I think is a fan problem, try to move it with your hand if doesnt go alone. Thanks for visiting!